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(see demos general anatomy , upper limb , lower limb , thorax , abdomen , pelvis, back)
* Awarded "Best teaching & learning package in tertiary education" by Australian Publishers Association 2008 (An@tomedia: General Anatomy CD-ROM & Book).
* Awarded "Best Tertiary Teaching & Learning Resource" at the AAEEP Awards 2008 (An@tomedia: General Anatomy CD-ROM & Book).
* International finalist in "Best multimedia" by British Medical Association 2008 (An@tomedia: Pelvis CD-ROM)
* Awarded "Best multimedia" by Australian Teachers Of Media in 2003 (An@tomedia: Thorax CD-ROM).
* Awarded "Best CD Project" at the ASCILITE Awards 1999 (An@tomedia: Back & Abdomen CD-ROMs).

* Reviewed in 'The Lancet'
* Reviewed in 'ANZ J Surgery'